Symax Duotab
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Symax® Duotab
12 Hour Tablet
Bi Phasic Now and Later Delivery

NDC# 64543-118-90
Immediate release:
0.125 mg Hyoscyamine Sulfate
Sustained release:
0.250 mg Hyoscyamine Sulfate
Rx Only
U.S. Pat. Pending No. 10/879,506

Immediate release you need
Extended release you want

  1.  Unique Duotab* biphasic release system

  2.  Immediate release 0.125 mg hyoscyamine sulfate for ‘right now’ relief

  3.  Sustained release 0.250 mg hyoscyamine sulfate eliminates ‘breakthrough’  symptoms common to traditional delivery of immediate or sustained  release hyoscyamine

  4.  Immediate and prolonged relief in one convenient dosing vehicle  improves patient compliance!

  5.  Maximum effectiveness over a full 12-hour period

  6.  Cost effective therapy

  7.  Time-tested active ingredient, proven safe and effective
Graphic depiction details approximate dissolution and availability of active ingredient based on invitro laboratory tests.
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