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12 Hour Tablet
Bi Phasic MaxRelent* Delivery
NDC# 64543-096-90
Sustained release:
40 mg Phenylephrine
12 mg Chlorpheniramine
Immediate release:
1.25 mg Methscopolamine Nitrate
Rx Only
U.S. Pat. Pending No. 11/132,300

For Excessive Rhinorrhea

Is Rescon going to over-dry my patients?

No it will not over dry your patients because of the MaxRelent delivery system. With the 1.25mg immediate release of Methscopolamine and 12mg sustained release Chlorpheniramine Rescon provides drying without over drying.

How is Rescon different from the new-age antihistamine?

Rescon works immediately when you take and does not take 5 days to work. Also Rescon has a high antihistaminic value. Rescon is also very cost effective. Rescon is for excessive rhinorrhea.

Will Rescon make my patients sleepy?

Only 20% of patients complain of sleepiness and it was mild and transitory. Methscopolamine crosses the blood brain barrier poorly and Chlorpheniramine is an alkylamine which has a very low sedation level.

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