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Capellon Pharmaceuticals feels its success is tied to delivering and building value every year. This is dependent upon a steady pipeline of new products secured by research and development, out-licensing, co-promotion, and strategic partnerships. These new products will enhance our existing therapeutic franchises and provide synergy with the additional new assets.

Capellon's Business Development Group is responsible for identifying and securing out-licensing and co-promotion opportunities for marketed prescription pharmaceutical products. The Business Development Group is committed to completing straightforward and professional agreements that will allow our partner companies and Capellon to maximize value out of these arrangements.

Capellon Pharmaceuticals is aggressively seeking licensing opportunities for currently marketed prescription pharmaceutical products aligned with our core business focus.

For additional information or interest please contact:

Capellon Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Business Development
7509 Flagstone Street
Ft. Worth, Texas 76118

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